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How Our Agency Partnerships Work

You Own the Products - We Sell For You

1.  Setup - We will work with you to create and customize your Amazon account or audit your existing one, evaluate compliance risks and position your brand for a scalable infrastructure with your Amazon channel.

2.  Optimize - The next step, we create or refine your product listings, updating content to improve  search results for your targeted audience, and provide a quality customer experience.

3.  Management - This third step is ongoing, as we run cost effective marketing for your brand on and off Amazon.  Our desire is to increase both the number of visitors and strong conversion.

Pricing - Startup Fee + Revenue Share

Considering each customer is given a customized approach, the pricing will vary.

To get started there is an upfront fee of $1,500-$2,000 (depending on the initial work involved).


As your full channel manager, we work off a revenue share to motive us for success.  The revenue share percentage is based on the Amazon or Walmart net profits.  Kurrents will work on a commission basis to help you increase sales.  

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