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We partner with brands to sell on Amazon, Walmart, and More.

"Kurrents has provided us the Amazon support and assistance that we desperately needed. Prior to Kurrents, our listings were not optimized to the level they needed to be with A+ content and targeted keywords for maximum listing impact. They were able to help us re-brand all of our listings with updated graphics and focused keywords. The guidance that was provided for marketing support to drive increased sales revenue was phenomenal. Not only did they help us revamp all our current listings, they helped us conduct market research to determine new bundle listing options to expand our product offerings. I highly recommend Kurrents to any brand owner that wants to take their company to the next level. Whether you need a complete Amazon revamp or just Amazon PPC marketing help, Kurrents can do it all! We are very privileged that we had the opportunity to meet Kurrents, and can continue our long term partnership. Thanks for everything!" 

Robert Siddell - Popar Toys 



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We enforce MAP by agreeing to the brand’s policy and also reporting violators on the online marketplaces.  Consider us your police force to help protect the value of your brand.


Your product should be the most beautiful flower in the garden.  High quality images, video, and sensational sales copy illuminates your product value and brand message.


We research, set up and run cost effective Pay Per Click advertising campaigns to receive more qualified traffic (the best potential customers) to increase sales.


We are established to sell on Amazon in the US, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and the UK.  

We can also launch your products on Walmart and eBay.


Good customer service provided with quick answers to questions from customers, processing returns, and shipping materials that protect the product from damage.

Partner Options

Our mission is to grow your brand.  We can be your wholesale retailer or your ecommerce agency.  We create a customized relationship based on your needs and interests.

Retail Partnership

We buy inventory

We sell inventory

Agency Partnership

You own inventory

We sell for you

Partner Options

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Kurrents LLC

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Phone - 978-998-2790

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